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What makes Paradigm fish food different from the rest?

1. Its the only 100% Grain and Gluten Free tropical fish food available.

2. Rather than using wheat flour and other grains to increase protein levels and serve asa binder, we use only dried egg whites. Egg whites are one of nature’s BEST protein sources, has a complete amino acid profile, and is 100% digestible (Egg Whites are NOT considered a mammalian protein).

3. We use a Whole Menhaden Fish Meal. This fish has no impact on the cumsumerable fisheries industry for humans and it is 100% Ethoxyquin Free.

4. All of our food varieties contain over 1% Astaxanthin (a natural color enhancer for red/yellow spectrum and antioxident).

5. All of our food varieties contain spirulina (blue­green algae) powder which is a natural color enhancer for blue/green spectrum & helps boost immune system.

6. Our food is NOT milled. Its handmade in our own facility located in the USA.

7. Our food is not extruded at high temperatures, we use a dehydrator. The food is dried at 150 degrees to preserve naturally occurring vitamins and fats. Plus drying the food for a minimum of 12 hours at this temperature kills dangerous bacteria.

8. We don’t use the min/max system for nutritional analysis. All our percentages add up to 100%.

9. Our food is not a pellet or a flake ­ its a crumble. This way you only have to buy one size. You adjust the size of the food to tailor to your individual fish.

10. Our foods contain the proper net energy (starch & fat) to ensure your fish lead a long and healthy life.

11. We use the best possible ingredients that we can…intended for human consumption in all 5 of our varieties (Carnivore, Omnivore, Herbivore, Grow, and Graze).

Quality in every crumb…

You can visit us at www.paradigmfishfood.com

View Paradigms Great Selections of Foods Ingredients Here

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